CLI(Command line interface), Brook CLI is just one file, in other words, brook has no concept of installation, you only need to download the brook file to your computer. Brook CLI has both server and client functions.

You may need to run the below commands as root user or sudo, if you are not very familiar with linux, we recommend you to use ubuntu with root user.

Install via curl

Let’s take the v20200909 version downloaded on linux amd64 as an example

You can get the download link corresponding to your system on the releases page

Install via  nami

Install nami

You may want more information on nami github page

GUI(Graphical user interface), Brook GUI has only client function.


Brook for macOS

Please prefer to use the latest version of macOS


Brook for Windows

Please prefer to use the latest version of Windows


Brook for Android

Please prefer to use the latest version of Android and Native ROM or Google ROM


Brook for iOS

Brook for iOS is not available on China AppStore, please use apple id from other regions

You can get the all above download links on the releases page

Run brook server

Assume with port 9999 and password hello

Assume your server public IP is, then your brook server is:

You can stop it with CTRL+C
More parameters: $ brook server -h

Run in background

Stop background brook